Statement Antique for the Bedroom: Welcome to the fourth episode of the Wallrocks video series. Bold bedrooms can be not only beautiful but exciting too. Here we look at three statement pieces for a bedroom and what makes each of them unique. Enjoy.



Enquire about this French Art Deco Bed

It’s a frequently asked question. They didn’t make king size beds in the 18th and 19th century so when you describe them on the Wallrocks website as being king, what do you actually mean? The simple answer is these antique beds will take a standard king size mattress. As far as we’re aware king size beds were not made in Australia during the 19th century however the same could not be said in Europe and England.

The largest bed in the Wallrocks collection in fact is 2400mmW…600mm wider than a standard king size. The largest bed we know of that was made was The Great Bed of Ware, made for The Ware Inn in England in 1590, and designed to bed up to four couples at once.

What is true is that fewer king size beds were made than any other size for several reasons. People were smaller, most did not have the rooms to support the size of a king bed, and most did not have the money. For this reason genuine 19th century antique beds are rare and difficult to find.

This early 20th century French Art Deco bed is a very beautiful example of its kind. Made from Birds-Eye-Maple, and the bedsides carved from solid Maple it is very good quality. The bed features original gilded ormolu mounts across the headboard, rails and foot. This bed would make a beautiful and extravagant feature in the right room and bring an interior to life.

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