Wallrocks collection of 18th and 19th century antique chests and commodes is one of the most popular and versatile categories of furniture we have available. With subtle differences, these pieces have evolved over many decades, though remain an essential addition to any beautiful home.

Sourced overseas in original condition, our antique chests & commodes are restored for specific client requirements. A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with each piece. We are also proud to offer a personal delivery service to our clients on the east coast.
The chest of drawers originated as it sounds, from a chest or coffer in medieval times. This design then gradually had the addition of first one, and then multiple drawers, until eventually by the early 1700’s it was – a chest full of drawers. Rectangular shaped and relatively conservative in their style, they traditionally had four long drawers, or three long under two short top drawers. Designed for use in the bedroom, the chest of drawers was a lot less elaborate than their cousin, the antique commode, designed and decorated to be on show in a drawing room or living room. The antique commode had either two or three long deep drawers, and often had a bombe shaped front and sides, with elaborate marquetry, bronze embellishments, and a marble top.Wellington chests are the taller and more compact version of the antique commode. First seen in the 1820’s, they were designed for travellers, often having a locking mechanism preventing the drawers from sliding out during rough handling. Some would have a hidden secretaire behind two false drawers, others would be a full bank of drawers. Wellington chests are particularly suited to more compact living areas, where space is at a premium.

To see our available antique chests & commodes, including Wellington chests, please browse our furniture collection, or contact us should you have a specific enquiry we can assist you with.

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