Browse our high quality antique display cabinets and vitrines below, all of which are genuine 19th century antiques imported by Wallrocks from Europe. Each chosen for its quality, authenticity and beauty, these antique display cabinets are in original condition and price includes restoration and Certificate of Authenticity.

We offer an ever-changing collection of fine 19th century French vitrines and antique display cabinets, with many different designs selected to suit a range of beautiful interiors. Clients can buy these pieces with the knowledge that they have been correctly authenticated and restored by hand in the traditional methods.From the French word ‘vitre’, meaning ‘pane of glass’, these display cases evolved in in France during the 18th century as glass-panelled free-standing cabinets in which objects, china, curios, fine ornaments and keepsakes could be displayed in the home, often with hand-painted, gilded or lacquered panels and frequently embellished with ormolu mounts. These cabinets began to be more widely used amongst the population during the 19th century as the Industrial Revolution took hold and they became more financially available to a larger segment of the community.

One of the most elaborate and unique vitrines we have in our collection is an exceptional 19th century kingwood cabinet of octagonal form with high quality ormolu embellishments. Unusually, the kingwood top lifts to reveal a jardinière (plant stand) which could double in purpose as a champagne bucket. We also have a comprehensive range of more traditionally shaped display cabinets of varying sizes.

All of our antique display cabinets are available for viewing in our showroom at Albion, just North of Brisbane CBD during normal working hours, or by appointment. If you are looking for something specific which you can’t see on our website, please feel free to contact us, as we are always happy to try to source pieces if possible.

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Let us help you become a part of the story of these antiques.

Each piece of our beautiful quality antique furniture has its own story.