Interior Fabric Sourcing and Upholstery

A beautiful new fabric can transform an antique piece of furniture.

We source the finest quality fabrics in the world, including hand embroidered silks, bespoke custom panels, linens, velvets and more.

After selecting your antique, we have a discussion with you to understand your own style, tastes and preferences in terms of fabric and upholstery. From here, we present you with a range of beautiful quality fabrics that meet your criteria for final selection on your piece of furniture. From here, we organise the upholstery and then deliver to you a complete and beautiful piece. Enquire.

We can also help you with fabrics for cushions, curtains and more on request.

View the gallery below to see our beautiful pieces before and after their new fabric to see how they transform.

Before After Fabric 1 before
Before After Fabric 1 after
Before After Fabric 1 before 2
Before After Fabric 1 after 2
Before After Fabric 4 before
Before After Fabric 4 after
Before After Fabric 16 after
Before After Beds 1 before
Before After Beds 15 after
Before After Beds 11 before
Before After Beds 11 after

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Let us help you become a part of the story of these antiques.

Each piece of our beautiful quality antique furniture has its own story.