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Wallrocks History

In 1974, when hair was long and skirts were short, a young and adventurous Nick Wallrock boarded a ship in the south of England and set out to make a new beginning. It was time of growth, adventure and there was a growing sophistication, when worldlier tastes and outlooks were beginning to change the face of Australian culture.

Coming from a long line of antique dealers, Nick was perfectly placed to act when he noticed a growing demand for English and Victorian antique furniture for the Australian market.

Capitalising on his background and connections in the industry, Nick opened his first store in the Woolloongabba precinct, and worked in the business alongside wife Margaret Wallrock, where it thrived for over 30 years before moving to its current Albion location in 2009. Nick was an Australian Customs Authenticator for antiques for over 20 years and was a member of AAADA and QADA since 1976, and President of QADA for many years before retiring.

Wallrocks History & Today – Nick trained daughter Jessica passing on a vast industry knowledge that would otherwise have been lost.

In mid-2016, she established a national online presence for Wallrock Antiques, taking the company from one that had been Brisbane based for 30 years, to one that had a large national following. After previously completing a Bachelor of Business at Queensland University of Technology, Jessica went on to study and qualify in interior decorating and furthered her education with a Western Art History intensive at Christies London in 2016. Jessica has a passion for incorporating fine quality antiques into both classic and contemporary interiors. Today, joined by husband Damien, Wallrocks is continuing to champion quality and authentic antiques that the Wallrocks history is known for.

Wallrocks History & Our Certification: Under Jessica, Wallrocks remains a member of the internationally renowned CINOA organisation, the Brussels based International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers’ Associations established in 1935, an association for which membership is contingent on adhering to the principles of quality and integrity. Members are required to adhere to strict guidelines and members are vetted accordingly.

Additionally, Wallrocks is a decades long member of the Australian Art and Antique Dealers Association, an organisation established to promote the preservation and of Antiques & Fine Art and ensure the adherence of a professional standard amongst its membership base across Australia by aligning with the AAADA Code of Practice. Please feel free to phone us to discuss any questions around the criteria we adhere to in the vetting and acquisition of our collection.


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