Wallrocks Antiques - Scouring the Globe to Find the Best

Place Estate Agents paid Wallrocks a visit recently and we stepped them through some of the best pieces and why antiques are such an important part of an interior.

‘Stepping into Wallrocks Antique Furniture Store is like being transported into another world – a beautiful classical world, far away from the busy industrial street in Albion.’

Almost a decade ago, Jessica Wallrock took over the family business from her father, Nick Wallrock, who had operated the dreamy antique store over 40 years…’

Wallrocks Antiques

Our experts literally scour the globe, hand-picking the most exquisite fine antique furniture for customers with a discerning eye for quality. We have an in-depth understanding of every antique in our collection, including its origin, construction, quality and age, so you can be absolutely confident of the authenticity of your purchase.

How to spot a genuine antique bookcase

Don’t be caught out. Learn the tricks of the antique trade and how to spot a genuine 19th century antique bookcase, and how to tell the difference between an authentic antique and a fake.

Wallrock Antiques New European Shipment Arrival

Watch as we Wallrocks unload our latest stunning shipment of beautiful and genuine 18th and 19th century European antiques.