What better way to show off a beautiful office, than with a high quality antique partners desk. Built to the exacting standards of the 19th century, our collection of partners desks is authentic, genuine and all are custom restored at the time of sale to suit your personal taste.

The Wallrocks desk collection includes a genre for every taste, be it the rectilinear lines of the French Empire period, or the soft flowing lines of Louis XV. We travel internationally to hand-select our fine quality partners desks and each is chosen for its integrity.

Our restorer, who has been with us for over 37 years, will restore the desk at the time of sale to achieve exactly the end result that you desire for the antique partners desk. Whether that be a beautiful custom colour and gilt embossed new leather insert for the top, cleaning and re-;polishing or just waxing to retain the hallmarks of age, we will achieve the result you want for your individual space.

Our collection of antique partners desks are all supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, which provides you with the comfort and security to know that what you’re buying is as-described, and genuine. To view some of our desks before and after their restoration journey, simply click here.

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Let us help you become a part of the story of these antiques.

Each piece of our beautiful quality antique furniture has its own story.