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Antique Furniture Interior Design.
Our focus is to assist buyers who are ready to move on from the world of mass-produced furniture. Be daring enough to explore the world of antiques…the world of living art.
Designing rooms that incorporate antiques is an art. It requires knowledge of the furniture itself. It transcends the fads and trends of what is immediately current and speaks to what will survive. History and provenance play a role in how an antique is be presented…even if that is to break away from tradition. When dealing with high quality antiques, authenticity is essential and quality paramount. To place a fake or compromised piece of furniture into a beautiful home only becomes a disappointment into the future.
antique-furniture-interior-designHow do we work?
We believe a home should be created around your individual tastes and preferences. We do not believe it is for us to dictate what you have to have in your home. Instead we prefer to work collaboratively to create a a home that speaks to your individual style.
How do we source? One beautiful quality piece is worth a thousand mediocre copies. We use our 40 years of international buying experience to select the finest furniture available. We work closely with you to understand exactly what it is you are looking for. As a client, you have access to private viewings of pieces prior to them being made available to the public.

Restoration & Interior Design: Bringing a piece of antique furniture back to life for through restoration is incredibly exciting. We respectfully rescue long forgotten beauty. Restoration allows clients to make their own personal mark on the antiques. You determine how they are to be restored, to what level and with what finishes and fabrics. We do not out-source our restoration. With in-house restoration we maintain control and consequently the end result.

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Whatever you’re picturing, our custom service can create it. Our experience means we can advise you if any request threatens the integrity of the antique. To discuss restoration of any specific please please phone us on (07) 3862 2253 or email

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Antiques Furniture of Distinction

Furniture for Classic Interior Design

With over five hundred 19th century French and English antiques to choose from, Wallrocks are uniquely placed to decorate elegant Australian homes in a way that is timeless and classic.

English Mahogany Cylindre Desk
Item code: C20
20th Century Exceptional French Louis XVI Corbeille Queen Bed Early
Item code: 718


19th Century French Louis XVI Bookcase Display Cabinet
Item code: LP22
Pair Fine 19th Century Alabaster Antique Floor Lamps
Item code: 8006
Regency Music Canterbury
Item code: 51K


French Marquetry Side Cabinet
Item code: C30


Sourcing Antiques for Interior Design

Classic Interiors

Our Buying Criteria

It is our intention to buy our collection in original condition and it is to our customers absolute benefit that we do this.

By buying our antiques in original condition, we have the significant advantage of being able to see what has, and has not been done to a piece over time. Has the quality been compromised? Has the integrity been compromised? We only buy antiques that are sound. Once a piece has been restored by another dealer, it becomes significantly more difficult to establish its integrity.

Wallrocks have very strict buying criteria…

  • The furniture must be antique;
  • Antiques must be of a very high quality;
  •  Our antiques must have correct proportion;
  • Importantly, they must have integrity and aesthetic appeal.

While these criteria might seem obvious, it is difficult to find furniture that satisfy all these criteria at once.


Christine Bibbo, Adelaide, South Australia

"We had been searching for the right antique bed for many years, luckily enough we found ours with Wallrocks. Being located interstate, Wallrocks kept an open and involved line of communication as they undertook the restoration and reupholstery process. We are very pleased with the full package that Wallrocks provided, and have complete satisfaction with our purchase. We consider our experience with Wallrocks to be first class. "

Elizabeth Foster, Gold Coast, Qld

""Hello Jessica I just wanted to thank you ……I love the bed! It has surpassed all expectations. I am amazed at how beautiful it is. Please pass on this note to any who are considering buying an antique through “Wallrocks” It is encouraging to find people that can combine passion with their work and this was evident from the first time I stepped through the door at Wallrocks. Nick Wallrock’s qualifications and experience in sourcing antiques is demonstrated in the simple act of displaying the antiques in their natural un-restored state. Most insightful, as it allowed me to see the piece I intended to buy for what it truly is. Seeing restoration take place on site further bolstered my approval that the piece I bought would be given the respect it deserved. Lynden and Peter are truly gifted restorers as evident in the finished piece. I enjoyed talking with them and seeing their restoration work in progress. Visualising the finished piece in my home was an easy step to take with the assistance of Jessica Wallrock (Nick’s daughter). Jessica’s has a natural ability with style and taste. Jessica imparted to me that antiques are not only beautiful but also useful and easily incorporated into the modern home. I hope that your experience with “Wallrocks” is as rewarding as mine. To Jessica, Nick and everyone at Wallrocks…..Thank You. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.""

Samuel Wilkinson - Designer, Our Place, London, UK

"Thank you Jessica and the whole team at Wallrock’s Antiques, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. Without your ability and help in tracking down specific pieces that my client required for their federation era property I would have been lost. The quality of the pieces are first rate, the service amazing and whenever I had a gap in my project, it was Wallrock’s who I rang first. The great surprise was having Nick Wallrock personally deliver the items to site and have the opportunity to talk antiques, architecture and have his experienced eye cast over what we had been up to. There is an obvious passion for quality antiques and history throughout the multiple generations of Wallrock’s Antiques."