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The antique coffee tables in our collection are in original condition and price includes cleaning and restoring.
Whilst there are many documented historic references dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries describing the huge popularity of coffee houses and the various kinds of tables that were used, none of these ever refer to the low style of coffee table as we know it today. In fact, antique coffee tables have a relatively short history, with the first reference to a wooden table specifically designed as a coffee table only making an appearance in the late Victorian period. There appear to be no known examples before the late 1900’s, and they do not feature in the Hepplewhite and Sheraton furniture pattern books of that period which would tend to substantiate this fact.It is not uncommon however to see antique tables that have been cut down to coffee table height – a perfect way to solve a practical problem however not advisable if one wishes to retain the value of the table.More commonly in our Wallrocks collection of antique coffee tables are good quality and unique designer Art Deco and mid century vintage coffee tables. The latest addition is a beautiful etched brass and glass coffee table made by the Argentinian artist and designer Rodolfo Dubarry at his studio in Spain, where every piece is uniquely made with specific materials and tailored to his individual clients.

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