Wallrocks Antique Videos

If you’re fascinated by all things antique, you’ve come to the right place. Wallrocks antique videos cover a range of fascinating topics, including the restoration workshops, antiques in client homes, buying overseas and the tips and tricks to buying confidently.
Take a ‘walk-through’ our restoration workshops to understand the time and effort employed in restoration – see how the furniture transforms from an unpolished gem back to its former glory. Watch a video of how beautiful the furniture looks once installed in client homes – the end result so-to-speak. We have videos that step through the specifics of the antique furniture and explain the period and era in which the piece was made, and some of the tell tale signs for whether a piece is ok to buy, genuine and what makes it such good quality or otherwise. Do you have any burning questions about antiques? Please let us know if there’s a video topic you’d like us to cover and we will do our best to accommodate it. Just send us an enquiry.


Wallrock Restoration Video

Step into our restoration workshop and see our Master Craftsman at work. Employing the skills of the 18th and 19th centuries, see the time, effort and skill required to transform fine quality antique furniture into its former glory.

Antiques In-Situ – Wallrocks Antique Video

Watch our video below to view antiques from our beautiful collection in-situ in client homes. There’s an antique style to suit every taste, and they work across a multitude of different interiors. View here.

My Way – Channel 9 – Wallrocks Antique

It was a pleasure sitting down with the Channel 9 show ‘My Way’ to discuss the world of antiques and the rich history of our business. We hope you enjoy….

Christmas Inspiration – A Rare & Exceptional Antique Refectory Table – Wallrocks Antique Video

A rare 19th century antique refectory table, this piece was originally one of a pair of tables. Imagine the size of room that could accommodate a pair of these antique refectory tables. Of unusual and extremely fine construction, the table has been made to last centuries and we find ourselves wondering what stories it could tell, what plots may have transpired over its surface. Watch the video to find out more…

A Remarkable Writing Table – You Simply Don’t See This Every Day-Wallrocks Antique Video

Attributed to Holland & Sons, this table is remarkable inside and out. There are some pieces of furniture for which words cannot do justice, and so we leave you with this video instead…

A room fit for a Queen…

Wallrocks Antique Video

No need to fly to Paris anymore. All you need do is swing past our showroom in Albion or watch our latest video where we feature one of the gems of the latest collection – a magnificent hand-painted and panelled room in the design of Louis XVI. Ideal as an office or sitting room, it would be easy to while away a happy hour or two in this beautiful space.

An Important Cabinet by renowned bronzier, Henri Picard…Wallrocks Antique Video

In the world of 18th and 19th century furniture, provenance is highly sought after and rarely attained. So often time has destroyed all links to the past, so suffice to say we are delighted to present this extraordinary cabinet signed by Henri Picard, a renowned bronzier who was commissioned by Napoleon III. Watch here…

The Word Antique is a Catch-Phrase –

Don’t Get Caught Out

The word ‘antique’ is simply a catchphrase and has very little true meaning and drives pre-conceived notions. Here we look at how we can readjust our notion of what antiques are. Here we look at why those notions are not always accurate, and select on three or three pieces that may buck these perceptions for some. Enjoy. Here we explain how antiques can be both fun and interesting.

The Best of British – An English Oak Refectory Table – Wallrocks Antique Video

Here we deconstruct a beautiful solid oak antique refectory table. Solid oak plank top with leaves that slide in and store underneath the centre section of the table for convenience. No need to find a space to keep them. The top rests on four turned bulbous legs carved with Flemish design, which are joined by a stretcher that has been re-routed around the table legs to allow for maximum seating capacity.

A Cut Above the Average – Exceptional 19th Century French Kingwood Parquetry Pier Cabinet

Here we explain what makes this marquetry side cabinet so particularly fine. Watch as we explain the features on the cabinet that a dealer looks for when buying – we aren’t just looking at the pretty surfaces…

A Piece With a Story –

Wallrocks Antique Video

Very occasionally we’re lucky enough to find little hints to the history of an antique piece during the process of restoration. Little hidden clues left behind many centuries past shed light on the era from which they originally hark from. Watch our latest video below to see what this beautiful French secrétaire à cylindre was hiding in its depths.

A Versatile cabinet by a Special Cabinetmaker – 19th French Escritoire by Haentges Frères

Watch as we direct a fabulous escritoire by Haentges Frères, the original Brecher marble top over a drawer with boxwood wave inlay above a cross-banded flame mahogany fall which opens to reveal a very fine fitted polished satinwood and purple-heart interior with string inlays to the drawers and original gilt-tooled leathered writing surface over three graduated inlaid drawers terminating in four cabriole legs with finely cast ormolu lion feet.

Scouring the Globe to Find the Best –

Wallrocks Antiques Video

Place Estate Agents paid Wallrocks a visit recently and we stepped them through some of the best pieces and why antiques are such an important part of an interior.

‘Stepping into Wallrocks Antique Furniture Store is like being transported into another world – a beautiful classical world, far away from the busy industrial street in Albion.’

Almost a decade ago, Jessica Wallrock took over the family business from her father, Nick Wallrock, who had operated the dreamy antique store over 40 years…’


Wallrocks Antique Video

Our experts literally scour the globe, hand-picking the most exquisite fine antique furniture for customers with a discerning eye for quality. We have an in-depth understanding of every antique in our collection, including its origin, construction, quality and age, so you can be absolutely confident of the authenticity of your purchase.

How to spot a genuine antique bookcase

Don’t be caught out. Learn the tricks of the antique trade and how to spot a genuine 19th century antique bookcase, and how to tell the difference between an authentic antique and a fake. Watch the video here.

Wallrock Antiques New European Shipment Arrival

Watch as we Wallrocks unload our latest stunning shipment of beautiful and genuine 18th and 19th century European antiques.