Wallrocks Client Testimonials

“My husband and I are long-term clients of Wallrocks and it is our first choice for high quality antiques.  We cannot overstate the individual service provided by the Team.  They will ensure that a piece will work within the styling of your home and their quality workmanship restores character to the antiques.

Jessica beautifully combines preserving the history of each piece with ensuring it will complement and enhance modern living.  She sourced unique pieces for us from France and worked closely with us during the restoration ensuring our functional and atheistic requirements were acheived.  It is through Jessica’s customised approach that each piece has always exceeded our expectations.

  The pride taken by Wallrocks in delivering each piece is evident and we hope that each of our Wallrocks pieces becomes family heirlooms to be enjoyed by our children and other generations to come.

Jessica and the Team are delightful to work with and it is always a wonderful and exciting experience to visit their showroom in Albion.  If you are looking for expertise in sourcing high quality antiques with persoalised restoration services do not look any further than Wallrocks.”   (Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Erin Bledsoe - Clayfield

As a Sydney based Designer, I have been dealing with Wallrocks Antiques for many many years who are based in Brisbane , I could not speak more highly of the Father and Daughter team that run the business like a well oiled machine, Further more given the fact that the bottom has fallen out of the antique market in Sydney, Wallrocks has been wonderful resource for my business Redesign for Living.

As I am small Interior Design business it’s vital to have suppliers who can deliver on Goods and Services without question.
Looking forward future projects,
Regards. (Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Jeff Paterson (Sydney)

I’ve been buying all sorts of things from desks to rocking horses from Nick and Jess over the past 5 years and have never been disappointed. In moving back to Victoria, I have yet to find another antiques dealer with the same quality products, and in which I can place complete trust.
I know that anything I buy from Wallrocks will have no hidden issues (like live borer, or undisclosed repairs, or shoddy/unsympathetic restaurations, all of which I have unfortunately experienced from a number of Melbourne antique stores over the past couple of years).
Wallrocks’ buying policies are also a huge benefit, as I never feel that I’ll be stuck with something if it doesn’t suit. And, with Nick venturing south once or twice a year, I always know that my beautiful bits and pieces will arrive in perfect condition and with no hassle. Highly recommended.

(Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Campbell Butterworth (Melbourne)

An unbelievable showroom, i think i was in there lost in delight for hours, discovering things I never knew existed. I will forever be a loyal customer, not only because of the high quality, tasteful and unique pieces that are restored to your customised specifications, but also because of their ongoing extraordinary customer service. The Wallrocks become friends with their customers because they are such a likeable family! I have met several of the Wallrocks over the years, they go out of their way for their customers (literally, Nick drove 5 hours to my house at no cost to help me with wiring of a chandelier after a botched local electrician job). I absolutely love the pieces I have bought from them. I’m all for ‘re-use and recycle’ so high quality antiques are win win – you are buying historical art whilst minimising your environmental footprint. Thank you guys :)

(Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Karina Berzins (Adelaide)

For the three years we have been customers of Wallrocks they have given complete satisfaction at every level. We are delighted with the wonderful quality of our purchases of antique furniture, mirrors and vases, and with the very patient and knowledgeable assistance we have received from Nick and Jessica. Nick’s attention to every detail, and his expert packing, ensure that even the most fragile items arrive safely. We are very grateful to them for the exciting choice Wallrocks provides and for their interest in our particular needs. We are looking forward to a long association.

Rickard (Melbourne)

“Purchasing antiques for interior design clients is fraught with difficulties and potholes.  Authentic, insightful, and caring dealers are super-scarce;  Jessica is one of those dealers.  Her attention to your needs is illuminating and the extent Jessica goes to ensuring your vulnerable beauty travels safely across the country is unmatched.” (Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Melanie Strathdee - Interior Designer, Mornington Peninsular

We bought a magnificent double leaf pullout French Dining table from Nick 25 years ago…We love this table and have loved the many times our family and friends have gathered around it. It seats 18 when extended. The table is 19 century. In March (mid pandemic lockdown) we called Jessica to ask about getting it refurbished. To my surprise Nick (now retired) came down and then did the job. We were so happy with the job and to see Nick again just bought the value and delight of the piece, the family connection and the value of antiques all flooding back. Thanks Wallrock’s. (Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

John Hummelstad (Gold Coast)

We recently purchased a piece from Wallrocks and their service was excellent from start to finish. The dresser base was packed up expertly, made the trip to country Victoria without a hitch and was exactly as portrayed in the photos- in excellent condition. I would have no hesitation in purchasing from them again. (Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Hilary Sellars (Melbourne)

My husband and I have been dealing with Jess and Nick Wallrock for the past 2 years. Their insight and expertise of all antiques is amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate and have no trouble sourcing items from all over the world. I have full confidence in all the items we have purchased for our home and I fully trust and respect their expertise. Wallrock’s is like an Aladdins Cave that is my one stop shop for all things wonderful and beautiful They are the best antique dealers in Queensland hands down and I have no hesitation in any item that I purchase from them. We Hope to have a long ongoing association with them for many years to come. I Love and value all the little treasures that I’ve brought from Wallrock’s and look forward to acquiring many more.

(Wallrocks Client Testimonials)

Christine Spencer (Brisbane)
Over the past few years I have bought some lovely antique pieces from Wallrocks and I have really appreciated their expertise and guidance which helped me to make the best choices for my home. I can highly recommend Wallrocks for first class customer care and superb quality antiques.
Judith Guivarra

My wife and I met Jess and Nick at an antique exhibition in Melbourne in mid-2014. We had long been looking for a special piece of furniture for one of the rooms in our Victorian-era home, and we were delighted to find exactly what we wanted at the Wallrock stand. Jess and Nick could not have been more informative and encouraging, and our precious item was duly delivered to us with great care and efficiency. In addition, and thanks to their extensive range of stock, Jess and Nick were able to source and deliver two further items which complemented our original purchase. Together, the three items have made a dramatic difference to our home. My experience with the Wallrock family has been very satisfying, and the efforts which they have made to establish an outstanding website will ensure that I am able to find more irresistible items in the future.

Patrick (Melbourne)

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