In the world of antiques, some pieces are so well executed – in both design and construction – that they are more than their utilitarian sum. Rare, exquisitely made, beautifully designed – this writing table is indeed a work of art, and to look upon it every day is a pleasure.

This exceptional writing table by Charles Mellier is such an example. Every element has been considered, every care taken, and no expense spared – this was the phenomenally exacting standard of the French maker who, based in London, made a name for himself in the latter part of the 19th century.

A piece of antique furniture such as this, can be enjoyed more when one is acquainted with the maker’s history and his rise to prominence and influence. When it comes to owning a piece of history, the ability delve into this type of detail, and the history behind the maker, is a fabulous conversation starter. Read on to learn about his history.