When rifling through the pages of a recent Financial Review, we came upon an article about Luxury Collectibles that we had not realised had been published some time ago. Apologies for those that have already seen it but for those who have not it does make for quite an interesting read.

The reality is that anything finite has a value, as it cannot usually be replicated to the standard required to make it mass marketable. We find that when it comes to luxury collectibles, and more specifically to antique furniture, anything high-end and uncommon is likely to hold value pretty well so long as it is in proportion, well executed, high quality materials have been used and it has a use, even if that use is decorative or sculptural in nature.

If you can find a piece with all of these attributes, and a makers’ name, then it’s very hard to go wrong. The tricky part as always is finding these pieces and knowing enough about the items to know what it is you’re looking at. This is one of the reasons when buying these luxury collectibles and furniture that one should take care to buy from reputable dealers with established relationships who are prepared to ‘put their money where their mouth is’. Certificates of Authenticity are a must with detailed descriptions of what the article is, the age and ideally the materials used.

The article below gives a very interesting synopsis of the areas ideal to consider if venturing into luxury collectibles. Wallrocks have a collection of Items of Distinction well worth browsing in order to see some of the kinds of antiques that are highly sought after and valuable today.

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