Making 19th century furniture

It is no secret that the perfect antique can be difficult to find. When one of our dear clients approached Wallrocks seeking a set of 19th century French Empire library steps, to complement their beautiful French inspired apartment, I was left frustrated after a long and arduous search.

What to do? Naturally I felt compelled to assist.  Take a look at our flip-book below and discover the incredible two year process we went through, and importantly what we learned…and the end result.

Why did we commit to this project?  Are we about to launch a range of bespoke reproductions?  Well, not exactly, (but do get in touch if you have a vision you want realised). What this experience has demonstrated is that when made to the same exacting standards of the 18th and 19th century (which most reproductions are not), luxury antiques today are relatively inexpensive from both a design, material, and manufacturing point of view, given the vast timeframes and extraordinary materials required for their accurate production.


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Our committed client took a giant leap of faith and allowed me to design a bespoke set of French Empire inspired library steps, made to the exceptional and exacting standards of the early 19th century.

This was a period where furniture was made by hand and was made to last – skill, craftsmanship, exceptional materials.

With a formidable challenge accepted, there was nothing left to do but for Wallrocks to deliver, by first establishing a design and then ensuring that this lofty standard of outstanding craftsmanship was met.

It was with our client’s extreme patience and understanding that allowed Wallrocks to execute this and his patience has resulted in one extraordinary piece.