A Room Fit For a Queen – An Architectural Antique

No need to fly to Paris anymore to find architectural antiques. All you need do is swing past the Wallrocks showroom in Albion or watch our latest video where we feature one of the gems of the latest collection – a magnificent hand-painted and panelled antique room in the design of Louis XVI. Ideal as an office or sitting room, it would be easy to while away a happy hour or two in this beautiful space.

This video is the first of our next series of videos featuring outstanding pieces from the latest collection.

Watch our video below to see why…

This beautiful room is an architectural antique of fabulous quality. The hand-painted and panelled walls are each unique, with different Marie Antoinette inspired designs painted in great detail across each panel. Each panel denotes a different theme, and has been highlighted in gold-leaf, not only through the surrounding mouldings, but through the details of the leaves and flowers themselves.

This gilding creates the beautiful effect of the room glistening as one moves about it and the light touches different parts of the room.

The antique room features a pair of opposing arched mirrored panels to the centre sides and the back wall has a pair of glazed and mirrored operable French doors. There is evidence of previous wall sconces flanking either side of the mirrored side panels, and there is no reason wall sconces could not be re-instated in this beautiful room.

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