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For a long time the concept of entertaining at home seemed an art largely consigned to the past. However if Covid has had one positive impact on us, it is the realisation by many of us that entertaining at home can be more enjoyable, more intimate and to a large extent, more special than anywhere else.

Over the last two years, challenges of Covid aside, many individuals chose where they were able to, to look on the bright side and enhance their homes with beautiful objects and beloved antique furniture to create spaces that were inspiring to live in, comforting to be in, and beautiful to welcome guests into. After all, it’s only natural that we seek to create a comfortable refuge when the freedoms we are accustomed to become compromised.

There is an art to entertaining at home, and now we have spent two years quietly creating our own private sanctuaries many of us feel a desire to continue to entertain our friends and family and to enjoy life again. The things we took for granted for so long, now a pleasure we can freely indulge in again…hosting parties, intimate dinners, spontaneous morning tea with friends – whatever the social proclivity, many of us are now are eager to open our homes.

With this in mind, the newfound desire to re-connect and become better acquainted with our friends and loved ones has sparked an explosion of creativity that can be seen across many industries, all generally geared towards a better work-life balance.

In the last two years, we have seen people redefine their interiors in ways they never before considered – a home office with a 19th century French daybed? Why not. Bedroom in need of a Louis XV gilded bed coronet, with velvet drapery? Absolutely. An excuse to break out 19th century hand painted porcelain for morning tea of scones, cream and jam in the garden is a small pleasure, but one we relish, and that makes us feel as if just for a moment, Mr Darcy might pop around the corner for a spot of tea…one can dream anyway.

Enjoying your space more than ever before has become the order of the day. We have been awakened to the art and the beauty of enjoying our homes.

Below is a selection of pieces that lend themselves to the notion of impromptu celebrations of simply being together. This pair French Louis XV antique settees is utterly elegant and can host an intimate gathering of good friends over tea and coffee. Design a place of refuge where two can while away the hours with an overdue catch up on these beautiful bergere armchairs,..or these tapestry chairs. This is the silver lining that emerged in our post-pandemic age.