Six of The Best Statement Antiques to Make a Splash – One of the greatest misconceptions about antique furniture is that, because it’s old, it must be conservative and uninspiring. As any antique buyer knows, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While antique furniture from some eras is undoubtedly minimalist – yet no less striking and impactful when placed in the right room and context – many of our favourite pieces encountered over the years have been flamboyant, dramatic and anything but boring.

From quirky and colourful folk art styles through to opulent furnishings fit for a king, statement antique pieces are the ideal place to start when interior decorating. The right piece has the potential to completely transform a space and create a powerful focal point for a room. Choose a piece with a touch of drama that really draws the eye and let it set the tone for the rest of your furnishings.

Here are some of our current favourite statement pieces:


1. C19th Pair Decorated Armchairs

pair decorated armchairs

six of the best

We adore these beautiful decorated armchairs. While these were bought with a traditional tapestry that had seen better days, we selected a more contemporary though still classical fabric to bring them back to life.


   2. C19th Siberian Carved Antique Window Surround

Originally created to imitate the beautiful baroque architecture seen in St Petersburg and Moscow, these charming window surrounds with their intricate fretwork have become increasingly popular in Europe, where they are used as a feature mirror to dramatic effect.

    3. C19th French Wrought Iron Chandelier

  1. Pair of French internal doors

Proving that the entrance to a room can be just as impactful as what you put in it, this ornate pair of doors from late 19th/early 20th century France is a fine example of the style of the period and a great way to turn a plain room into one all your friends are talking about.


  1. C19th Eastern European Decorated Bench


With its colourful folk art motifs in what’s known as the “Cifre” style, this rare, hand-painted bench from Central Transylvania is a real showstopper. At three metres long it requires a sizeable space in order to do it justice.


  1. C19th Decorated Armoire


The most unique antique piece we have ever owned, this unusual and elaborately decorated armoire is one of our most original finds. Its origins, however, are something of a mystery. The tassel, eye and face motifs are suggestive of Turkish, Greek or Russian craftsmanship though whether this is where it was made remains lost with time.