Bouillotte Lamps

The bouillotte lamp, as picture above, is a classic and elegant antique lamp lighting fixture with a rich history dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The bouillotte lamp is one of many styles of antique lamps – a table lamp, often made of brass or gilded bronze. They typically feature a tall, slender stem with a weighted base for stability and consist of two to four candle brackets. At the top, a shade – which was often made from lacquered metal, known as tole, that could accommodate the heat of the candles – directs light downward onto the workspace, minimising glare and maximising efficiency. As candles made way for electricity, many of these have been converted and make wonderful antique lamps.

What was Bouillotte?

The bouillotte lamp takes its name from a popular French card game called Bouillotte. The game was played in the 18th century and was carried on well into the 19th century. Bouillotte, said to be one of the card games that led to the development of poker, became such a favourite pass time during the reign of Louis XVI that special tables and lamps of the same name were created specifically for the game.

Today, antique lamps and the bouillotte lamp particularly, continues to be appreciated for its timeless design and functionality. While modern lighting options abound, the bouillotte lamp endures as a classic choice for those who appreciate beautiful detail and its historical significance.. Fabulous adorning a desk in an office or adding a touch of charm to a contemporary space, the bouillotte lamp remains a cherished piece of decorative artistry and its a simple matter to wrap a beautiful silk shade around the metal if a softer shade is preferred.

Currently we have two fine examples of these antique lamps in the collection, early to mid 20th century.

The first, a very large and exceptional mid 20th century French gilded bronze bouillotte lamp, the green shade around four scrolling gilded bronze arms supported by a central fluted column and terminating in a dish.

Enquire about this bouillotte lamp here.

French Mid 20th Century Ormolu Lamp 2321R A Bouillotte-lamps

The second much smaller bouillotte lamps is in original condition, not having yet been restored by Wallrocks. With pretty hand-painted detail on the shade and engraving on the dish, it’s a beautiful little piece and will restore wonderfully. Each candelabra will be straightened and the brass cleaned and polished. Enquire about this antique lamp.Early 20th Century French Brass Desk Lamp 22L158P A

The Wallrocks collection comprises many beautiful examples of antique lighting, including gilded bronze and crystal chandeliers, iron lanterns and pendants. Simply click here to browse the antique lighting collection.

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