Much like the rest of the world, we at Wallrocks have become very well acquainted with these four walls that surround us! While at times this can seem rather dull, it does come with a small number of benefits, namely re-educating oneself on the correlation between biscuit jar and waistline – always a good relationship to understand; that silence can be a very good answer to everything; and that self-reflection, while a good thing in moderation, has its limitations.

In an attempt to avoid my own isolation vices, I have turned to emptying out the contents of drawers filled with memories of days long past in the hope of finding inspiration to lighten my day. Folded in the bottom drawer of my beautiful eighteenth century commode, I found this article nestled with photos in tissue paper.



A small ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail from 1976, advertising ‘The Grand Opening of Wallrock Antiques’ .

In contemplating the future one can’t help but reflect on the past and consider that Wallrocks has been running for over 44 years. It is a humbling reminder of the responsibility that lies with ensuring the continuation of an institution into the future, particularly with wonderful businesses closing their doors on a daily basis.

Tucked beneath this article were these beautiful photos of my parents, Nick and Margaret Wallrock, in their ‘hey-day’ running the business. I confess to having chuckled at the sight of Nick, clearly dressed by Margaret head to foot in early garb, the dress code for a container evening they held back in 1983. Perhaps a good theme to reproduce for our next event…on the other side?

These origins go beyond 1976 however when Samuel Wallrock, my great grandfather and President of the London Auctioneers society established Samuel Wallrock & Co in New Bond St, Mayfair in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Perhaps it’s in the blood as they say.

And with 44 years comes change.

Perhaps the most notable is the massive leap to a traditional bricks and mortar business to the evolution of the online store – only set to increase in relevance in current times. There are some things however that have not changed.

Most notable are the extraordinary friendships we form with our clients, built on trust, mutual passion and love for the things which were crafted in times gone past. This is surely the most satisfying and enjoyable part of business. Our restorer – Master Craftsman Lyndon – is still with us today after 50 years of loyal service, pictured below.


Auction Gallery websizeWhile in many industries quality and authenticity have gone by the wayside, we have held firm to the belief that it is quality that lasts, it is quality that our customers engage in and are passionate about, and it is quality that will stand the test of time.

Finally, we have held firm in our belief that beauty lies in difference and imperfection which are to be celebrated.

Relationships, quality, authenticity, beauty – these things at Wallrocks have not and will not ever change.

To conclude, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the extraordinary situation we are all enduring, and thanks to those that are putting themselves on the front line for the sake of all of us.

Humanity has been here before and survived and we will do so again – courage and positivity is what will move us forward.