Oh the Agony of Choice

It comes as no surprise that we have seen all kinds of upholstery ‘tragedies’ in our time, from stunning but threadbare original fabrics we have to sadly forgo…to downright hideous prints of the 70’s and 80’s, and everything in between. The fact remains that regardless of its beauty, some upholstery needs replacing eventually and there is an abundance of fabrics to choose from out there. Do you match it to the rest of your interior or do you make a bold statement? Do you want to bring it forth into the 21st century? What a conundrum!

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Scroll Through the Images of our Before & After Gallery Below of this French Gilt-wood Suite

Well it’s our experience that selecting the right upholstery is an intuitive process. Take these questions into consideration: What is the history of the piece? For instance if it’s a French Provincial piece, perhaps a relaxed print on linen could be the answer. Is it a Louis XVI piece? Look at some divine embroidered silks. Does it bring you joy? Wise words from Maria Kondo. Yes, your furniture should always bring you joy, and upholstery plays a pivotal role here.

It can be overwhelming deciding which fabric will make your antique sing, but it doesn’t have to be. Educate yourself about your piece, a nod to its heritage is always a good idea, and choose something that you just love.

Lastly, remember we are always happy to assist to help narrow down your options.

We have many similar pieces available, just waiting to be beautifully transformed with new upholstery. It’s always worth a visit to the showroom to have a chat with us about the possibilities.