Video Series Ep.3: Grandma’s False Legacy – Readjusting our Notion of Antiques

Welcome to the third episode of the Wallrocks video series.  The word ‘antique’ is simply a catchphrase and has very little true meaning and drives pre-conceived notions. Here we look at how we can readjust our notion of what antiques are.

Here we look at why those notions are not always accurate, and select on three or three pieces that may buck these perceptions for some. Enjoy.

Enquire about this Deco desk, vintage drinks trolley

As an antique dealer it can be challenging when people come to the world of antiques with pre-conceived notions, often built on their experience of grandma’s antiques. Often they did not like grandma’s antiques and consequently, are therefore of no appeal. The reality however is that the word ‘antique’ is a catch-phrase, it means very little other than something is over one hundred years old. The word encompasses all manner of styles, designs, eras and origins and importantly does not delineate between quality or beauty.

The truth is that some antiques are beautiful and some are not and there is a style out there to suit everyone, it is simply a matter of finding one that suits you. In this video we discuss three pieces of antique furniture that perhaps to some extent buck the notion of what an antique is. They come from a range of different eras and styles but what they do all have in common is that they’re slightly more casual than some of the other pieces we have focused on…and they’re just a little bit fun.

To demonstrate this, we have also produced a couple of little drawings that feature the furniture we have featured in the video in a room context and paired with other pieces from the collection to show how they can work together. Over time we will add to this collection of drawings to show a variety of interiors and possibilities for combining of antiques.

wallrocks readjusting our notion of antiques