Shaken Not Stirred – Stylish Antique Drinks Cabinet 

Ideal for a sophisticated study, library or living room, this antique drinks cabinet makes a beautiful and elegant statement. From the stunning quality gilded bronze to the intricate geometric parquetry across the front and side panels, this is a drinks cabinet for an elegant room and designed to make a statement.

Watch our video below to see why…

This beautiful antique drinks cabinet is perfect as a show piece in a room. The marble top is ideal to rest a cold drink and ice-bucket on top, while the beautiful parquetry cupboard opens to reveal a polished mahogany interior with adjustable shelves which accommodates all manner of different glasses and bottles of differing heights.

An interesting antique drinks cabinet, in that while ultimately Louis XVI in design, it also borrows Greek mythological motifs one might expect to see on a Napoleonic or even Regency antique drinks cabinet.

The mahogany lined top drawer is embellished with gilded bronze sphinxes scrolling flowers and leaves and a pair of gilded bronze drop-handles in the form of a wreath. This sits above a geometric kingwood door that opens to reveal an interior ideal for drinks and glass storage and is flanked by an additional pair of parquetry sides.

The antique drinks cabinet is elegant and streamlined and currently in original condition. Restoration would include cleaning and re-polishing of the timber and cleaning of metalwork to reveal the original gold leaf.

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