Wallrocks Video Series: Episode 6

Little fish are sweet and undoubtedly often overlooked for their larger equivalents…so to is the antique king single bed. They’re a fantastically versatile size which is perfect for a glamorous but smaller guest bedroom or ideal for growing children. Watch our latest video to see how these transform with upholstery and restoration.

Transformed with the right fabric, they make wonderful beds for the kids – large enough for a child to grow in to yet not large enough to take up that valuable space. In so doing, they can really elevate your child’s bedroom and it’s something they can take with them as they grow into adulthood.

Alternatively, with a more contemporary or sophisticated fabric, they make a beautiful statement in a guest room – providing a glamorous alternative to a simple ensemble though are easier on both space and budget than larger sized equivalents.

As you will see, the defining restoration task to be completed is the upholstery – this will lift each piece dramatically and dictate the ultimate destination – guest or child!

Wallrocks offer a complimentary one hour service to assist with fabric selection on any piece within our collection, so if you’re unsure what would work on these beds within your home we can assist you to find the perfect option. We have a wide range of fabrics to choose from can help with everything from fabric choice, to trims to bedspreads and cushions. For assistance please just enquire.