Personalised. Customised. Restored.
The art of making antiques work specifically for your interior.

In this post we decided to take a little time to explain restoration. In the same way that an old home benefits after time from renovation, so too do antiques. This highly personalised and bespoke service offered by Wallrocks is essentially what brings these pieces back to life, from the 19th century into the 21st and ultimately determines what interior they will suit once completed. There are hundreds of ways an antique can be restored and here are just a few of them.Watch our video of French bureau plat, marquetry side cabinet and duchesse brissee.

Bringing Marquetry Back to Life

For those with more formal taste, marquetry furniture that has stood the test of time but lost its lustre, can be bought back to life with inlay repairs, cleaning, polishing and wax. Clients have complete control over how much a piece is restored – for those that like their pieces looking old ask for some of the old polish to be left with only gentle restoration.

2. Luxurious Leather – Tailor to Your Personal Taste

Time means wear, and while some clients love the a well worn leather with its beautiful patina, others like a beautiful high quality leather custom coloured to suit their specific interior. Our leathers are custom coloured to any specified colour in Europe with a custom edge detail and which we ship to Australia and insert by hand into our furniture. This process is dictated entirely by our clients and the colours and finishes that work for their home. Take a look at the video of this restored 19th century French bureau plat to see the difference a great quality leather makes.

3. Re-decorate and Recover

Do you have a specific interior that you’re working with, some special colour scheme that you need to match. Not only can Wallrocks custom colour the structure of a piece of furniture to your specifications, but we also work with the top fabric suppliers in the world and can have your antiques re-covered to a very high standard.