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19th Century French Marquetry Bombe Commode

Item Code: 9160


19th Century English Model Antique Sailing Schooner

Item Code: 04J

Fine Pair Mid 20th Century Spanish Brass Coffee Tables

Item Code: 9150

19th Century English Antique Dresser Base

Item Code: 900i

Pair Early 20th Century French Art Deco Side Tables

Item Code: N55ia

19th Century French Empire Marble Top Centre Table

Item Code: 119i

Early 20th Century Model Ship Elizabeth Howard

Item Code: 133i

19th Century French Provincial Dining Table

Item Code: 915i

19th Century French Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier

Item Code: 950

18th Century French Provincial Louis XV Armoire

Item Code: 112i

Small 19th Century French Gilt Antique Mirror

Item Code: 124i

19th Century French Provincial Day Bed

Item Code: 129i

19th Century French Louis XV Parcel Gilt Bed

Item Code: 144ia

20th Century French Wrought Iron Coffee Table

Item Code: 960

19th Century French Provincial Wrought Iron Chandelier

Item Code: 910

19th Century French Provincial Farmhouse Dining Table

Item Code: 113i

19th Century French Oval Gilt Mirror

Item Code: N57

Pair Early 20th Century French Art Deco Bedside Tables

Item Code: N55i

19th Century French Louis XV Oval Mirror

Item Code: 980

Modern Brass Maison Chalet Lamp

Item Code: 91i

19th Century Decorated Antique Cheese Cloche

Item Code: 930i

Pair Mid 19th Century French Side Tables

Item Code: 157ia

Pair Mid 19th Century French Commodes

Item Code: 157i

Early 20th Century French Art Deco Bed

Item Code: N50

Pair 19th Century French Louis XV Gilded Sofas

Item Code: 148i

Pair 19th Century Louis XVI Decorated Side Tables

Item Code: 117ia

Antique Display Shelves

Item Code: 90i

19th Century French Marquetry Queen Bed (att Linke)

Item Code: 102i

Pair 19th Century French Antique Bedside Tables

Item Code: 102ia

Pair 19th Century French Empire Candlesticks

Item Code: 104i

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Safe delivery Australia-wide
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