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Antique Mirrors

Wallrocks has a wonderfully rich collection of genuine 19th century European antique mirrors, or mirror surrounds, from carved oak frames to giltwood or gilded, and over-mantel or floor. We scour the globe to bring back the finest examples of Louis XV, Louis XVI, Rococo, Empire, Provincial and Art Deco antique mirrors for our Australian clients. Each piece comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

The word mirror refers to the reflective surface and dates back to the earliest examples found in Turkey around 6000BC, when man-made mirrors were produced from polished stone and volcanic glass. Ancient Egyptians were known to polish copper for the same purpose. Over the centuries, glass production was refined, and the back of the glass silvered, and as such mirrors were considered an extremely expensive luxury item that only the wealthy could afford.

The antique mirror itself as we know it today has a relatively short history dating back to the 1830’s when the chemical process of depositing a thin layer of metallic silver onto glass was invented, giving it the reflective coating, thereby revolutionising the manufacturing process and making mirrors an affordable commodity. Glass from the 19th century is much purer in chemical composition and therefore colour unlike much of todays green glass which is tainted with contaminants such as iron.
Mirrors are an integral part of any home, and as well as the obvious practical use, antique mirrors enhance and give the feeling of space, light and depth. They are considered to be an essential addition by many top designers.

French Rococco Mirror

Item Code: 22L108

French Antique Giltwood Mirror Curved

Item Code: 2006MLW

Antique Florentine Cushion Mirror

Item Code: C54

French Oval Mirror Antique

Item Code: C45

Pair Italian Mirrors

Item Code: 03A

19th Century French Antique Giltwood Mirror

Item Code: 1403

Small 19th Century French Gilt Antique Mirror

Item Code: 124i

19th Century French Gilt Antique Mirror

Item Code: 287

19th Century French Gilded Antique Mirror

Item Code: 823

19th Century French Empire Antique Mirror

Item Code: 216

Large 19th Century French Antique Gilt Mirror

Item Code: 205

19th Century Carved Oak Mirror

Item Code: 1180SF

<em>Safe delivery</em> Australia-wide
Safe delivery Australia-wide
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<em>Authenticity</em> guaranteed
Authenticity guaranteed
Certificate with every piece
<em>100% refund</em> guaranteed
100% refund guaranteed
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Our Process

How does it work?

  • + 1 Hand-Picked From Around the Globe
    We hand-source and import only genuine antiques from all over the world.
  • + 2 Import & custom restore
    Import into Australia & custom restore pieces to specific client requirements & to an exceptional standard which includes - colour - finish - fabric
  • + 3 Personally pack & deliver
    We personally pack and deliver for a safe delivery Australia wide.