This magnificent 19th century French card table was purchased by Wallrocks over in Europe last year. The quality was so good that despite its condition it was still very easy to see that it was a wonderful piece so we weren’t surprised when it came out of restoration looking the way it did – we were certainly excited though.

While the detail was all fairly evident before cleaning, the French card table has re-taken a stature that it had lost over time. The parquetry inlay on the sides is bright, and instead of flat brown surface between each string inlay, the figured grain of amboyna is now clear.

french card table

The new felt playing surface has helped to define the purple-heart borders and the ormolu mounts can now be seen. We are particularly fond of the beautiful feet on this table and delicate canted mouldings that appear in the frieze when the two halves of the table are pulled apart. Everywhere the eye falls, there is attention to detail which is always a mark of a wonderful thing.

french card table

french card table

french card table

Sadly we do not have a restored photograph of the top, but the definition in the marquetry was superb.

Card tables are an interesting piece of furniture and while many might easily overlook them if they’re not avid players of cards, they’re actually one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in terms of purpose. Their fold-over top means they quickly and easily transform from side or console table to games or centre table. They make fabulous bedside tables with their large surface and are sometimes found in pairs which makes them ideal for beside the bed. Feature a beautiful box, basket or other vessel underneath between the legs and this overcomes the issue of no drawer and a lack of storage.

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