french parquetry dining table


To find a genuine, 19th century French dining table that seats 20 people is rare. To locate one that has four original oak parquetry leaves as well is almost unheard of. This very unusual table that we found is fabulous in its proportion, detail, design and execution. Not only is the parquetry solid, but the parquetry has been crossmatched on the under surface to ensure stability. Our neighbour at Stalled Espresso, recently used this table for a private dinner party they held and we paired it with our set of 20 equally unusual dining chairs, and two 19th century French crystal chandeliers.

The night was filled with food, fun and frivolity, and due to the width of this table which stands at 1.3m wide, two diners were able to be seated at either end of the table.

Another of Wallrocks dining tables was used as a very beautiful side table to serve drinks fromTo enquire about any of these pieces please phone us on (07) 3862 2253 or email

Click the gallery to scroll through photos of the evening. 

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