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Dining Chairs

Wallrocks has a lovely collection of 19th century antique dining chairs available in an eclectic assortment of styles, shapes and sizes including Louis XVI, Spanish oak, French Provincial and Beidermeier. Our antique dining chairs are hand sourced from all over the world and each one is meticulously checked for authenticity prior to shipment. As a customs Authenticator for many years, we are committed to bringing only quality genuine antique dining chairs to the Australian market, and every piece sold comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

A fine quality set of antique dining chairs can transform a room into a delightfully inviting place to enjoy good food and good company, and size is an important factor in comfort, which is why we handpick only larger seated sets. Our antique dining chairs can range anywhere from 6 seaters up to a staggering 20 seat set which is quite a rarity given the laws of inheritance, which would often see a set so large broken down into smaller groups and distributed to the various beneficiaries. It is also not so common to find houses these days that would be able to accommodate such a number, but it is still quite a thrill when we do!

All of our antique dining chairs are custom restored in our onsite workroom using traditional methods, and whilst the timber restoration is included in our pricing, some pieces may require some additional work depending on the current seating configuration such as replacement of rush or cane, or an upgrade of fabric and upholstery, which can be tailored to individual tastes. With an in-situ interior decorating department, and a restorer who has been with us for over 30 years, Wallrocks can assist in the selection of a suitable fabric as necessary.

Set Six English Regency Dining Chairs Gillows

Item Code: 22L94


Set of Eight French Antique Oak Dining Chairs

Item Code: 2112Ob

Eight English Antique Dining Chairs

Item Code: 21L70Pa

French Oak Dining Chairs

Item Code: 21L79bP

19th Century Set 8 French Provincial Dining Chairs

Item Code: 37ib

French Antique Dining Chairs

Item Code: 16K

English Mahogany Antique Dining Chairs

Item Code: C18

19th Century Set Of Twenty French Louis XV Walnut Dining Chairs

Item Code: 11H

Set of 8 French Provincial Oak Dining Chairs

Item Code: 4100

Set Of Ten 19th Century Spanish Oak Dining Chairs

Item Code: 6


Set Of Twelve 19th Century French Provincial Dining Chairs

Item Code: 5

19th Century Set Of 12 English Mahogany Dining Chairs

Item Code: 58H

Set Of 6 19th Century French Decorated Louis XVI Dining Chairs

Item Code: 25H

Walnut Louis XV Ladder Back Dining Chairs

Item Code: 2880

<em>Safe delivery</em> Australia-wide
Safe delivery Australia-wide
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<em>Authenticity</em> guaranteed
Authenticity guaranteed
Certificate with every piece
<em>100% refund</em> guaranteed
100% refund guaranteed
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Our Process

How does it work?

  • + 1 Hand-Picked From Around the Globe
    We hand-source and import only genuine antiques from all over the world.
  • + 2 Import & custom restore
    Import into Australia & custom restore pieces to specific client requirements & to an exceptional standard which includes - colour - finish - fabric
  • + 3 Personally pack & deliver
    We personally pack and deliver for a safe delivery Australia wide.