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Whilst antique furniture tends to be our foremost specialty and passion, we do also encounter an interesting range of antique and vintage decorative antique objects, art & tabletop curios during our travels, some of which are just too lovely to pass by. Ranging from the smallest cut crystal and silver perfume bottle to a life size pair of carousel horses, we have had a myriad of quirky and fascinating ornamental pieces of history pass through our hands over the last 40 years.

Wallrocks has an eclectic collection of antique objet d’art and tabletop including sculpture, porcelain, clocks, jewellery boxes, figurines and candlesticks extending from antique 19th century pieces to vintage, art deco and modern. Whether you are looking for an original gift, or a beautiful decoration for your home, Wallrocks is the perfect place to shop for genuine quality antique objet d’art.

Scouring through the provincial fairs and flea markets for some beautiful and original antique objects is one of the most enjoyable parts of our overseas shopping expeditions, and our visits always bring a note of nostalgia for bygone eras. What stories these pieces could tell! It is easy to become caught up when strolling through these fascinating and unique historic articles and each piece gives their own little snapshot into their past life.

Located just North of Brisbane City in Albion, Wallrocks showroom boasts one of the most comprehensive and assured antique collections in Australia, and with our commitment to quality and authenticity, along with our money back guarantee, starting your “Wallrocks Collection” today couldn’t be easier. Please enjoy browsing our online collection and contact us if we can provide you with any further information.

Marquetry Tea Caddy

Item Code: 31K

French Provincial Earthenware Bowls

Item Code: 29K

Rare French Earthenware Antique Cruche

Item Code: 33K

Pair Decorative Soapstone Pagodas

Item Code: 14K

Red Leather Regency Table Cabinet

Item Code: 24K

19th Century Antique Bust

Item Code: 27K

French Oil Painting

Item Code: 25K

French Antique Confit Pots

Item Code: 50J

Modern Art Vase

Item Code: 42J

Contemporary Artwork

Item Code: 49J

Antique Inlaid Specimen Boxes

Item Code: 48J

Pair Antique French Marble Cassolettes

Item Code: 62j

Pink Sevres Jewellery Box

Item Code: 09PYC

19th Century Pair French Marble Cassolettes

Item Code: 10PYC

Aldermaston Studio Charger

Item Code: 44J

19th Century English Marble Cassolettes

Item Code: C29

19th Century Etruscan Revival Vase

Item Code: 41JA

Original Antique French Confit Pots

Item Code: 56J

Fine Trophy Desk Set

Item Code: 232

19th Century Exhibition Quality English Enamel & Glass Vase

Item Code: 8123

Early 20th Century Crystal & Silver Antique Tantalus

Item Code: 131i

Exceptional Pair 19th Century French Sevres Porcelain Vases

Item Code: 1369

Pair Contemporary Sculpted Whales

Item Code: 5000

Pair Contemporary Sculpted Birds

Item Code: 312

Mid 20th Century Painted Toy Pedal Car

Item Code: 96i


19th Century English Model Antique Sailing Schooner

Item Code: 04J

19th Century Leather Silver Hip Flask

Item Code: 143i

19th Century Japanese Signed Bronze

Item Code: 8321

Fine 19th Century Swedish Gilt-Wood Antique Clock

Item Code: 8445

Large 19th Century Eastern European Bowl

Item Code: 4022

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Safe delivery Australia-wide
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<em>Authenticity</em> guaranteed
Authenticity guaranteed
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<em>100% refund</em> guaranteed
100% refund guaranteed
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