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Interior Design

It is our intention to buy our collection in original condition and it is to our customers absolute restorationbenefit that we do this.

By buying our antiques in original condition, we have the significant advantage of being able to see what has, and has not been done to a piece over time. Has the quality been compromised? Has the integrity been compromised? We only buy antiques that are sound. Once a piece has been restored by another dealer, it becomes significantly more difficult to establish its integrity.

Wallrocks have very strict buying criteria…

  • The furniture must be antique, and if not it needs to be of an unusually high standard to justify being purchased;
  • Antiques must be of a very high quality;
  •  Our antiques must have correct proportion;
  • Importantly, they must have integrity and aesthetic appeal.

While these criteria might seem obvious, it is difficult to find furniture that satisfy all these criteria at once.

Restoration & Interior Design

The process of bringing the collection back to life is incredibly exciting for our clients as it respectfully rescues long forgotten beauty, and allows clients to make their own personal mark on the antiques by determining how they are to be restored, to what level and with what finishes and fabrics.

Wallrocks offer an interior decorating service for our clients to help clients put together their rooms and furniture beautifully. We have a passion for incorporating fine quality antiques into both contemporary and traditional settings to create breathtaking interiors. We combine expertise with a fresh, modern design sensibility which makes us uniquely placed to help customers realise their personal creative vision.

Our focus is to assist buyers who are ready to move on from the world of mass-produced furniture to be daring enough to explore the world of antiques – the world of living art.

Whatever you’re picturing, our custom service can create it. As well as guaranteeing the quality of the finished piece, we’ll advise you if any request threatens the integrity of the item. We have a beautiful collection of fabrics, leathers, trims, colours and finishes to choose from. To discuss restoration of any specific please please contact us.