We only import beautiful quality antique furniture, which has truth, integrity and authenticity.

Hand Sourced for Melbourne

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Hand selected for our discerning Melbourne clientele, the Wallrocks collection includes magnificent examples of English & French antique furniture of every genre, including beds, cabinets, dining tables, seating, architectural antiques, objects and more. Browse though our collection of both restored and original furniture and get lost in a collection of beautiful furniture that was designed to last a lifetime.

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Matched Pair English Bookcases
Item code: 2157O
Set of Three French Provincial Bar Stools
Item code: 21L1
French Antique Oak Suite
Item code: 2112O
Pair French Art Deco Side Tables
Item code: 2022Na
Pair French Antique Armchairs
Item code: 1212
Antique Hall Lantern
Item code: 39L
Import & Custom Restore

Melbourne Antique Furniture

  • + 1 Internationally Sourced for Melbourne
    With 40 years experience, we hand-select only the best antique furniture that meets our strict buying criteria from around the globe.
  • + 2 Bespoke Restoration Service
    Personalise and restore your chosen piece of antique furniture through our collaborative custom restoration & upholstery service.
  • + 3 Personal Transportation & Delivery to Melbourne
    On request, one of Wallrocks Directors will personally deliver your antique to your front door in Melbourne.
Authentic French Antique Furniture

Melbourne Antiques

Beautiful, fine quality Melbourne Antiques – Furniture that lasts a lifetime! We at Wallrocks believe that fine quality antique furniture transforms a home. Established in 1974, Wallrocks has been hand-sourcing fine English and French antiques across the globe for the Melbourne market for over 40 years.

Our motivation is to provide our discerning Melbourne customers with unique and beautiful antique furniture that will last a lifetime. Each antique is …

  • Selected for its attention to correct design, proportion, quality and authenticity;
  • Custom restored to suit specific client interiors – we work closely with our Melbourne clients to ensure they receive exactly what they want;
  • Provided with a 100% money back guarantee if an antique is not as we have described;
  • Provided with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee its integrity.
  • Is delivered with care and attention to Melbourne by one of our Directors – read more.

High quality of materials, correct proportion, beauty and authenticity in antique furniture are paramount to creating a beautiful home and for selecting and buying antiques in Melbourne.


Our Adelaide Customers' Testimonials
Melbourne Antiques & Fine Furniture

Antique Furniture Melbourne

Bringing the antique furniture collection back to life is incredibly exciting for our clients. We work very closely with our Melbourne clients and the process and allows them to make their own personal mark on the antique furniture by determining how they are to be restored, to what level and with what finishes and fabrics.

Our aim is to help clients move on from mass produced furniture to something that has soul, integrity and will last. To do this, we have a highly skilled restorer who does everything by hand and who has been with Wallrocks for over 30 years. Our interior decorating service assists clients in classic interior design or alternatively in incorporating fine quality antique furniture into contemporary Melbourne interiors.  Our design expertise is coupled with over 40 years in the antique industry which makes us uniquely placed to ensure our clients buy the best quality, and realise their own personal vision.

Regardless of your taste, our custom design service can create it. As well as guaranteeing the quality of the finished antique, we’ll advise you if any restoration request threatens the integrity of the item. We have a beautiful collection of fabrics, leathers, trims, colours and finishes to choose from. To discuss design and restoration of any specific piece please complete the contact form below.

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